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Dishwashing detergents

Mayeri Senisitive dishwashing liquid effectively breaks down fat and dirt, even in lukewarm and hard water. It gives gloss to dishes and glassware. Leaves dishes and glasses shiny. Contains skin friendly ingredients, which protects skin even in case of frequent washing.

Mayer Sensitive dishwasher gel for machine washing. Contains detergent, rinse aid, water softener, glass protector and salt. The detergent thoroughly cleans the dishes and dissolves the deposited grease. The rinse aid gives the dish a shiny shine and prevents water stains from forming on the dish. The water softener protects the dishwasher from limescale. The glass protector helps to prevent the glassware from fading and the formation of beads.

Mayeri Sensitive dishwashing tablets all-in-1 in water soluble foil. Tablet cleans dishes effectively without using any rinse aid or special salt.

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