About Mayeri

Mayeri Sensitive household chemistry products are healthier solutions for surfaces, fabrics, environment and your family. We are constantly developing products to increase their performance, safety for consumers and reduce environmental impact. Most of our products have been awarded with Asthma Allergy Nordic, EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The slogan “Safe for You, safe for the environment”¬†reflects our vision of responsible production. We believe that the washing and cleaning products can be produced whiteout affecting the natural environment negatively. Also, the products must have a minimum environmental impact during their consumption and circulation phases. We handle and reuse all our production waste, manufacture plastic packaging ourselves and use renewable energy. Our products are made of harmless components for consumer and environment.¬†Mayeri Sensitive product development centre is based in Kerava, Finland.

Meant for:

  • Families with children
  • Environmentally responsible consumers
  • Allergic and asthmatic people
  • Consumers who prefer products without perfume
  • Health aware consumers

Dye and scent free

Skin-friendly formulation

Environmentally safe ingredients